An ephemeral restaurant where you eat on the floor

Would you be willing to eat on the floor if we could certify that it is clean? In Belgium, the brand Black & Decker has set up a surprising operation to promote its Stam-Mop steam broom. In collaboration with the agency These Days Y & R, the brand imagined the "Floor 99.9", an ephemeral restaurant where you eat on the floor.

Beware of appearances, it's a real leader (Anne-Sophe Breysem) who takes care of the preparation of the dishes. To prove the effectiveness of its products capable of cleaning 99.9% of bacteria, the brand has therefore offered to several people to eat a meal on the floor. A surprising and ingenious idea that offers a good exposure to the brand and reassures on the quality of the steam mop.

Video: Andy Ricker: "The Drinking Food of Thailand". Talks at Google (November 2019).